when i got it i pulled everything out, and threw in 8 jj 12AX7's. i have some 12AT7's i would like to tame the bottom chanel as far as fizz goes. throw a 12AT7 in V1? i have done that in some amps, but i am unsure where to put one because i am not sure what tubes are in what gain stages and such. i don't want to lose balls or bass. but. i want to tame the fizz a tiny bit on the lead channel, but my rhythm channel is perfect and mostly what i like.

so where would you throw an 12at7? V1? PI?
I would start with V2, I suspect that the fizz is coming from the sheer number of gain stages so knocking down stages 2 and 3 might help. Wouldn't hurt to try in the PI and V1, but I suspect your problem comes before the PI. Might as well just try each spot, it doesn't take that long. You can swap preamp tubes with the amp in standby, just use an oven mitt so you don't burn yourself.

the 12at7 was a little weird at first in v2, but i did a lot of knob turning and it came out for the better.

thanks. i am going to leave it for now.