Looking to trade my C66. Sort of a feeler. I'm willing to see what I could get for it, but I'm not against keeping it at all. It's a great axe, and is in near mint condition. It has an incredible top, the photos do it little justice at all, it looks fantastic in person. Definitely 5A Quilted Maple, if I had to use the PRS top grading scale, it'd be Wood Library quality.

Not looking for anything specific, pretty much interested in anything of equal value. ESP, Ibanez, PRS, Jackson, Higher end Schecter and LTD (new models), LTD Elite, Customs, etc. I'll even take offers for two guitars of lesser value (but not low-end models) and guitars + cash.

Trade value at about $1,200-1,300. Spec'd in Carvin Builder at $1,540. Comes with OHSC. I think that trade value is fair considering the base model price is $1,099 and aside from a very small ding on the underside of the body, this thing is mint.

Specs are:

1-piece Mahogany Body - Gloss Finish
1-piece Maple Neck - Tung Oil finish
5A Quilted Maple Top
Matching headstock veneer
Deep Umber Stain finish
Ebony Fretboard - Black, No Streaking
Standard nickel frets, 22 frets, 25" scale
Carvin direct-mounted C22 pickups
Sperzel Locking Tuners
Wilkinson Tremolo
1 vol, 1 tone, 5-way switch w/ coil tapping
Black Hardware
Natural binding


Oh yea, forgot:

Location is Monroe, GA, USA
Not interested in international deals. CONUS ONLY!!!