Sometimes I see or hear guitar players that want to get rid of the picking noise when playing. But I really like hearing that slapping sound when the pick hits the string. It also gives a different sound than just doing a hammer-on or pull-off. I am just a beginner so maybe what I am saying doesn't make sense but do you agree?
All personal taste and what you're trying to achieve dude, I mean Allan Holdsworth has said on many occasions that he's trying to make his guitar sound as much like a saxophone or horn than a guitar whereas Paul Gilbert has said a lot that he really likes the pronounced attack that he gets with his tone and playing.

There are so many ways to sound on the guitar, 90% of the journey with the instrument is finding your own voice; don't worry about what other people think and find what you like before anything else.

Also for the record, I really like the sound of a nice pronounced attack when picking and the contrast between it and legato. Irrelevant though my opinion may be, that's what it is.
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Going to have to agree. It's all personal taste. The other thing I find interesting is how you can hear the string noise as the guitarist changes chords on some recordings, yet on other recordings, they go to great lengths to sanitize all of that. Personally, I think it's kind of nice to hear things like pick and string noise - it is the guitar, after all.

Probably not much different than hearing damper and key noise on a piano, or some of the old Rhodes or B3 organs. It adds character.