Hi all,

I have some problems with my Epiphone Dot guitar and I do not have the possibility to take it to a specialist in my area.

A few days ago I noticed a strange hum (quite powerful) when I am not touching the strings. As soon as I touch the strings again (or the input jack) the hum goes away. As this hum was not there before, I assume that there is a grounding problem.

I tested with different cables and setups, but the problem is still present.

I am not familiar with the internal wiring of this kind of guitars (i previously owned a strat) and I have limited access to the electric part. (there is no pick-guard that reveals the wiring as the strat has).

Do you know what might be causing this problem? Is the ground directly connected to the strings? Do you know how can I test/identify the problem without taking out the whole chain of volume/tones/jack? Any suggestion is welcomed

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Only two things I can think of, can't remember what causes that type hum, seems it's a ground issue but not positive.

Check it in a different location, to eliminate the house wiring

Get some contact cleaner and spray it in the jack, plug in and unplug the cable a dozen times then try it, might be a dirty connection there.

If it's neither one, could be a loose ground connection inside, that type of guitar is a bear to deal with. Basically, you tie long strings to the posts of the pots, take everything out and check it, then pull it all back into place using the string. You make them long so they will stay in the holes where they belong, I like to find some plastic washers and tie those to the strings so they can't come out of the holes after removing parts. Tedious, irritating, but it works. Everything comes out and back in through the pickup holes once they are removed.
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