Just wondering is this something that's normal as you get older? Not that I'm old, I'm 23 but this has never happened and suddenly for no reason at all(no change in practice patterns and no injury) my left hand fingers keep getting somewhat sharp pains in the middle and tip segments and feel like they need to be cracked. Then if i crack them it feels better for about 10 minutes then starts again.

I actually had to stop practicing today because it was hurting too much. Should I see a doctor?
could be many reasons..there are many nerve centers in the hand and finger tips..it could be tendonitis..if you doing a lot of chord work..it could be fatigue..it may be time to adjust the neck and/or string height/gage on your guitar..and yes consult a doc if it persists
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I used to get some pains in my index finger near the top joint area. I found it was because I was fretting a particular chord with my index finger being too parallel to the strings. Might want to check the way you are fretting chords and technique.
Better safe than sorry ... get a quick check from doctor.

Genuine hand problems can develop very quickly, from nothing to out of comission for ages, sadly.

cheers, Jerry
i'm not a doctor, but it sounds like tendonitis. I had tendonitis, but not in the hand, mine was in the shoulder and forearm (tennis elbow). These are what the doctor suggested:

- Try icing it, this should reduced inflammation and pain.
- take advil or aleve, these are anti-inflammatory meds

See a doctor to be sure…
I have found that arthritis (or general hand problems/pains) is very common and a big problem among guitar players. I am currently suffering from osteoarthritis, more seriously in my left hand and I am looking into solving this problem.

If there are any players who suffer from pain when playing, most specifically arthritis, could you please tell me the exact limitations and problems you encounter? For example, fingers cant reach fret or too painful to hold down strings on acoustic?

Thanks Very Much Guys!!
yes, ive had similar problems for the past 3 years. A sharp pain that feels like its in the fingertip or upper led of my left middle finger(fretting hand). i went to about 15 different doctors who either knew nothing or just ran tests and tried different stuff. I did not have arthritis, no carpal tunnel, no nerve damage etc. Then one day i went to a specialist who focuses on musicians hands. She knew within 5 minutes of touching my arm, shoulder and neck, that the problem was the fascia(white skin around muscles). It had contracted because of repetitive practicing without stretching(Whole body, not just hands). So the white skin around the muscle, which works like a swimsuit sort of contracted the muscles and nerves which then led to nerve entrapment, which actually didnt happen in my hand at all, but in my neck, shoulders, arm etc. This all has to do with posture, breathing, stretching etc. The pain in my finger was a just a result of these strangled nerves that are located in a totally different spot. Im currently on a rehabilitation plan which contains of exercises that involve stretching mostly, which stretches and relaxes the fascia.