Just a few ideaas meshed together, this was thrown together really guick so don't judge the mix too much

Guitars recorded with Line 6 UX1
Bass Programmed with Zombass 1.0 and Kontakt
Drums Programmed With Superior 2.0 and mixed inside the vst (Instead of routed out through the DAW like I usually do)

Mixed with stock reaper plugins and a few stillwell, probably not that well but whateva
I like the riffing. The recording is pretty good also. The only things that stick out to me is the guitar that comes in around 30 sec sounds way too midrangy and thin. That may have been what you were going for though. Also, the clean part in the middle seems to carry too long behind the following riffs. I think it could sound cool if that part changes up a bit.

You've got some really good riffs in their and the groove is good also. Can really hear the John Browne/Monuments influence in your writing style.

The overall productions good although the cymbals which are played during the transition from the clean section back into the heavier riffing sound a little "whooshy" it might be worth looking at the 8-10khz range and the length of the transients so that you can hear each separate cymbal hit?

Great track overall.

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Cheers, M