Do expensive guitars sound better than cheap ones when playing thought solid state and multi fx with amp models? I know they normally sound better when played on a tube amp but was wondering if solid state amps and model amps have little effect on sound know matter how good the guitar is .
Sure. Quality always makes a difference. It's just less noticeable if the rest of your signal chain is crap.
A good amp will make a crappy guitar sound good (or at least OK). A crappy amp will make a good guitar sound crappy. In my experience that pretty much holds true whether it's a tube or solid state. There area lot more good sounding solid state amps on the market now then there used to be.
An amp makes up most of the sound. Bad/cheap amp and a good guitar? Not gonna produce the best sound. Think of it this way, it only cost Varg Vikernes about 150 USD to make his self titled album (that includes the price of the guitar), and listen to how it sounds.