So I recently came across the Randall Rd 100 through demos and YouTube and instantly fell in love with the tone. Seems like a very tight thrash tone but a lot of punch and balls. However, I never knew anyone who owned it and I really don't know much about the build. Example: they don't say how many of each tube are in the amp and from looking at a picture of the back, only one 12ax7 was visible to me. Anyone know anything about it in terms of reliability? How it sounds cranked? And if it does have 1 preamp tube why? Just looking for any info you guys can provide

Currently playing out of a pod hd pro through a Peavey classic 50/50 power amp into an omega 2x12 loaded with one eminence swamp thang and one wizard. Decent tones but the Randall seems to have the balls I want of an amp.
hard to see the preamps but theirs 3 behind the front grill.....never tried one,hoping to get to try the Randall Satan when one comes to a store near me
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