I have a Fender Strat (newer model can't place it though) and I would love to drop tune it (Drop B or C). The only problem is that I am not comfortable in adjusting the truss rod and bridge and all that fun stuff nor can I really afford to take it to someone and have them do it. I currently use my pedalboard into my Mac (amp and compression) and then out into the mix. Is there a plugin for garageband or even better software than garageband (amplitube or something else) that has a virtual drop tune. If not I am thinking along the lines of a Morpheus pedal but that is $100+.....

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Am I going about this all wrong?
Pay someone to set it up in the desired tuning. It won't be expensive.

Or learn to do it.
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If you compensate for the tension lost drop tuning with heavier strings so they equal (or just about), you won't need to adjust the truss rod.

It's very simple fulcrum physics. The truss rod needs to be adjusted when there are big changes in tension. If you keep your string/neck tension equal, you won't have an issue.
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Yeah if you just use some thicker strings you probably wont have to do much at all.

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