Hi! I want to make a public rehearsing room in my neighborhood, and I need to choose a drum kit..
It needs to be sturdy and of good quality, because many people will play it every day.
Also, it should be good for (most of?) all music genres.. not kits specific for jazz, metal or such

Price Range: 1400$ - 1600$
Type: Probably a standard 5-piece set.

What do you think?
I think you could do a lot worse than Mapex - the Armoury would probably be a good pick since it covers a lot of bases. Has hybrid Maple/Birch shells, which does mean it occupies a good middle ground - especially since both woods can work for most genres.

Its also a 6-piece with 10", 12", 14", 16" toms, 22" bass drum and a 14"x5.5" snare (although I guess most drummers will bring their own snare), which gives more options to the people using it (can do 2 up 2 down or anything less). The hardware, if its anything like my Meridian Birch's, will be very solid too.

It probably will be under budget, but that leaves extra cash to spend on heads (2-plys are likely to be necessary if its being shared), and maybe extra cymbal stands since the stock pack only has 1x hi-hat and 2x boom stands, but most drummers will want at least 3 boom stands I'd think.

Hope this is useful
You can pick up some really great kits in that range... it really depends on if you need to buy hardware and cymbals at that price or not.

For instance - you could buy a DW Collectors kit in that range, but you'll have nothing left over for hardware or cymbals.

You could also easily spend that much money on cymbals alone.
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