I have seen this cool pro tab thing on youtube that scans the fretboard and shows the tab -- I have no idea what I'm doing here and what guitar pro and tab pro are. (and I don't see a tutorial anywhere on this site, by the way).

Can someone point me to one or give me the lowdown? Is it a $$ upgrade? Is it worth it?
Are most songs available with this software?

Thanks kindly.
Guitar Pro is 3rd party software that you download and install, then download the guitar pro tabs off this website and open it in the guitar pro software. And yeah its really awesome once you learn it.
I <3 Guitar Pro!
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Ok thanks -- thought it may have been exclusive UG software or something. I see now.
Be nice though to have that function online, rather than downloading and running another program. I'll get it anyway.

Maybe once you download a tab, Guitar pro will open automatically and play it?
I have no experience with this site at all and there is NOTHING that says how all of this works !
What is tab pro? why when I click on a tab that says guitar pro, some app starts loading that stops the tab and talks about free trial? how about an explanation of UG in the G damn menu?? ! I see "lessons, columns, contests" but nothing ABOUT UG?

How do I use this site?

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