by the way, the kick drum goes out a tad, but thats because i uploaded the wrong one that hasnt been quantised, will get the finished one up soon
thanks for the feedback man! will check out your track as soon as i finish college. One more question, does it sound like the reverse piano is out of time? my college tutor says it is but i think it isn't
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...piano is out of time?

Sounds like it's a bit out of time but shouldn't be hard to fix?
I think the piano part sounds fine. If it is a touch out of time it adds to the effect and sounds intentional. looking forward to hearing with the drum fixed and maybe a lead melody over it.
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Got the base for a good beat but needs a bit of work. The reversed piano gets a bit much at times, don't really think it works as a soundscape, try using it for certain sections of the track, maybe take it out for the verse then bring it back in at the chorus.
The drums sound fine though, don't really think they need quantising, loose sounding drums sound pretty good on more futuristic jazz-based hip-hop stuff (like Flying Lotus). They sound a little too harsh against the rest of the track though, maybe add a low-pass filter?
Add some one-shots or some melodies from different instruments to switch it up. Reckon the best way would be to slice up some vocals and flip a cool sample from them.
Good work though, could build a great beat off that.

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