So I've had lessons for around a year now with a couple of different teachers (due to circumstances). I can manage myself in a song requiring clean vocals but while they're nice they're not the only thing I wanna be able to do. I wanna be able to scream, with a scream similar to how Dave Grohl does it. Thing is I don't know how to start doing that or if the technique's the same as metal screaming or if my being a baritone has anything to do with it.

Anyone got any tips or lessons as to direct me on where or how I should start?

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I don't know much about screaming. Seems like a good way to harm your range as a baritone. I would probably look at electronic augmentation there. As a baritone or a bass singer remember when you are harmonizing you usually stick to the melody line. If you play in the keys at the extremes of your range, your range will increase.
Go way out into the country, and practice screaming at the top of your lungs.

Just do not overdo it.

Start out with small screams, if that is possible.