Hello Guys

Here is a link to the third track which I've uploaded under the moniker of Morphitis. I am a solo instrumental metal and rock project.

Broken Eden - https://soundcloud.com/morphitis/broken-eden

Please let me know what you guys think to my track and any feedback which you have to help improve any future songs. I will give any feedback on any of your tracks in response

If you like what you hear, please visit my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/morphitis) and my YouTube channel (see signature)

Thanks, M
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Thanks for the crit!

Really enjoy this tune, dude. Its got that, "I'm gonna go out and kick ass and show the world who I am" kind of vibe. I think it works fine the way it is, I don't really feel the need for any more soloing in this piece. Its got more than enough variation to keep your attention and it has enough going on throughout each part. I wasn't listening through my headphones but I can tell the guitars tone are really awesome sounding though I do wish I could hear the drums a bit better, they seem too soft, but that could be because I don't have my headphones with me and I'm listening through my crappy laptop speakers.

Always enjoy hearing new stuff from you, m'friend! Keep it up and continue rocking the hell out of those awesome wooded areas!
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I liked the track as a whole, don't think it needs any more soloing the switches in rhythm sound great, keep the listener interested.
Only crit would be the transition from the mellower sections (at around 1.30 and 2.45), it seems too rushed. Would sound cool if there was a little mute there, like a brief silence before the heavier stuff kicked back in.

Check out my track, could do with some feedback: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1659753
It's not bad, although I'm not the biggest fan of melodic metal. I was thinking metalcore style vocals would suit well on this one. If you're keeping it instrumental I'd be happy to hear more soloing and complex stuff from you, since you obviously got what it takes.
Hello there.

So, the video embedded in the thread isnt the track - thats the previous track you did. I get you are promoting your youtube feed too but you might want to consider making it clearer what the video is. I started watching the video and started thinking "damn, Morphitis is getting a little samey with his releases..."

Anyway, the track is pretty damn sweet. Guitars are (as always) tighter than a butthole during a prostate exam. The drums feel nice and powerful and have a good level of diversity to them - they sound pretty damn real actually. The lead sections with the heavy reverb sound pretty perfect - not too in you face but high enough in the mix to have effect. It's pretty difficult to find anything to offer constructive criticism on really. I guess the bass feels a little absent at times. I suck at getting a decent bass tone so I cant give any suggestions other than to maybe take a look at the bass and fiddle with the tone.

Top notch work again man. Just waiting for the day when the vocals get added....

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Hello there.

So, the video embedded in the thread isnt the track - thats the previous track you did...

Anyway, the track is pretty damn sweet. Guitars are (as always) tighter than a butthole during a prostate exam...

Top notch work again man. Just waiting for the day when the vocals get added....


Haha, I've changed the post now, I can see how that was misleading. The new track is the soundcloud link.

Thanks for the vivid description on the guitars, and hoping to add vocals pretty soon
That's my favorite song by you so far. The only part I didn't like was that at 3:26, the syncopation just sounded a little weird for me.

Your production seem to have improved quite a bit, the only thing is that I think your toms need a little bit more click to them.

I really enjoyed the drum work through the whole song, being my favorite part that at around 3:40.

Looking forward to hearing the vocals. Keep up your great work!
Sorry for the late response!

I think the track is great as it is; I do look forward to hearing vocals on it as people have said, as I think to hold as a solo instrumental it may need more lead parts (be they strings, synths, guitar, whatever).

As for the mix (forgive me, I'm listening on new headphones which I'm not used to yet) the guitars sound good, especially the lead (nice delay and verb), the snare and kick sound good, although a little woofiness on the lower end of the kick, and could do with a little more prominent click, but that's personal taste. The toms need the most work as they sound too 'roomy' and lost.
The only other thing I'd say is that the bass sounds a little too percussive and 'scratchy', particularly in the first verse.

Other than that, I look forward to hearing it with vocals!
listening as i type, great opening riff. i think you should consider adding vocals to your stuff as I think your heavy riff could underscore some epic vocal melodies

reminds me of a cross between Evergrey and Dream Theater, sounds dark and foreboding and you have great guitar melodies and harmonies too
Good song, man! I'm not really digging that rhythm tone though. I prefer more low end in my guitar tones. The clean tones are really nice, as well as the lead tones. The low end of the mix is the only issue i notice with this song. Really cool song overall!
hmm what hasn't been said yet?

great tones, really clean tracks. i really like the melodic aspect (atmospheric guitar parts especially) - and the rhythmic counterpoint too. the rhythmic sections could be a little djentier, that is to say, a little more low end or a little higher gain? a little more purr/growl, ya know what i'm saying? that would just be my preference though.

one way you could make the clean sections flow better would be to fade them in, that and/or make them (the rhythm guitars) spacier (right now they are very arpegiated and stick out a bit, as an earlier poster stated). maybe try and continue the melodic leads through them also, lower in the mix or clean or whatever.

solid track though.