I asked this question in the "tabs" forum and got no response, so maybe it's more suited to this sub-forum since it's about a learning technique.

I have started using Tab Pro to learn some solos, but the problem is that it seems I can only slow them down to 50% of normal speed. The tempo slider will move from 50% to 200%. I cannot see any other way to adjust the BPM / speed of the song.

As I'm sure a lot of you can imagine, half speed is still TOO FAST when you start out learning a complex solo. I read lessons on this very site that recommend slowing songs down to 25% when you start learning them. Seems odd Tab Pro would not allow this. I'm not a computer guy, but it seems to me that once you've added a tempo slider to your site, it's no harder to make the tempo slow down all the way to zero if you wanted to. Why limit it to 50%? And why have it go up to 200%? How many people really want to double the speed of the songs they are trying to learn? What possible sense does that make?

Anyway, I HOPE that I'm missing something and that there is a way to slow songs further in Tab Pro. If not, I guess I'll have to move on to a more user-friendly program that does allow this, like Tux Guitar.

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