I bought a used acoustic guitar off Ebay for $50 and paid an additional $50 shipping. It was to ship from South Africa. Well, two weeks later, no guitar...the seller e-mails me that he send the guitar through South African Airlines and he just learned they won't deliver to my house, but I'm supposed to go to the airport to fetch it.

It's a major hassle to go to LAX, and I have no clue where at LAX to go, but I agree for a small discount. Still not worth it, but I was trying to be a nice guy. Turns out, the guitar's not at LAX but at some freight company's warehouse. When I go there to get it, they want to give me a stack of papers that need to be filled out and stamped by customs because the guitar counts as "international freight," and I'm going to have to pay a $40 fee to get the customs stamp. At that point, I say screw it. The time, gas and energy I'd wasted already exceeded the value of this guitar and I was not going to invest anything more in it, when for all I know the guitar was going to be unplayable, etc. (it was pretty beat up in the photos).

Now, I have ordered a lot of stuff on Ebay from overseas, and NEVER have I had this experience. The stuff just comes to my door via a normal courier like DHL, no one asks me for customs paperwork or to pay import fees or any of that stuff. I'm thinking the problem was that this moronic seller tried to save a few pennies shipping via some mickey-mouse airline cargo service instead of a normal person-to-person courier service, and he did not realize what a mess that would create. But then again, I do not recall ordering a used guitar from overseas, so maybe there is always an added import fee or customs hassle when you do that? Have others who bought used guitars from Africa or other foreign nations had this kind of problem?

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Should have used a courier service, sounds like what you said, he cheaped out and used a freight service.
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