I didn't write this song; it was written by Mean Mr Mustard and kyl1989, I simply recorded the guitars and mixed the song. I think they did a great job of writing it, and I hope I did it justice. Let me know what you guys think!

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That's a nice track and I like the strong melody base. To help the arrangement/composition develop through the song they could introduce some harmonies or slight changes to the melody.

The. Is sounds great, everything is balanced and the bass sounds great alongside the piano around 2:10. You did a good job with the synth/piano parts throughout.

I'd appreciate if you could check out my track Broken Eden at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1659591.

Thanks, M
Hey thanks for the crit!

I actually started writing some harmonies to go along with it but I never got around to recording them unfortunately; maybe I'll re record and re mix at some point in the future

I'll crit yours back shortly, sorry for the delay!

Anyone else with any comments would be great and I'll C4C
Nice piano intro & mid-portion & outro! After the intro, some of the rhythms are a bit unusual/odd for me, but I've never heard this song before. Audio quality is good and the guitar playing is tight. The piano parts were my favorite parts. Please review my music at this link:

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Jeez, thats good ! Really love this. Mix is bang on, really like the tone on the rhythm guitar and how that is mixed well with the drums (cymbals sound great). Cant fault this at all, has good variation throughout and is quite engaging.

Thanks Hoos
Thanks Aaron, yeah I think having listened to it over and over so much to mix it I kinda got used to hearing the rhythm - always good to have an outside opinion though! I'll crit yours back shortly

And thanks as well John, I was quite happy with the rhythm tone, a surprise from a cheap old Peavey preamp! If you have anything you want me to crit back, just let me know