Hi everyone, I was just wondering what someone's opinion of this may be.

I have an eight year old Ibanez Talman tcm50 that I got when I was 13, and have loved ever since, however as a music therapist I need reliable instruments and my beloved Talman doesn't always hold tune well and for music therapy I will need a guitar that can will last.

The local music store in which I teach at has a Taylor big baby guitar that I have become obsessed with, even after trying many other models. Do you think it would be a waste of money to "upgrade" and gain another acoustic guitar for my own teaching and music therapy purposes, while my Talman would be played at home, since it's starting to break down from years of love and playing, and may not last much longer.

Thank you, I appreciate your opinions!
Imo, it's always nice to have a collection of guitars to pick up for different playing and such. Hell I even buy knock off brands all the time
it's always nice to have a variety of guitars with a variety of tonal pallets, and a solid top guitar will have more resonance.
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Imo, it's always nice to have a collection of guitars to pick up for different playing and such. Hell I even buy knock off brands all the time

Yep ^ ^ ^ ^

Go for it.
I don't think you'll ever find someone here that will tell you not to.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Heck yeah. I've been playing less than a year and I own 3 full size acoustics and a travel size, 1 classical and an electric guitar. Variety is the spice of life. Each one is different and they are fun to collect(like art!). Mine are mostly lower to middle end, nothing over $1000. I'm looking at adding another soon, as each time I'm trying to upgrade a little. Of course the cheapest and most logical thing would have been to just spend the money and get the very best guitar you can afford to begin with. However I do like all of my guitars and they are all unique. I make sure not to get duplicates of tonewoods, shape, etc. I can always sell some if I get too many. I always look for used first. That way if I don't like it, I can re-sell it and not be out too much money.
BTW, I think a taylor big baby would be drastic improvement over the talman, 1 that you would not regret. The talman is good for what it is and you'd probably still want to keep it. If it's anything like my Ibanez aef30 it is probably a joy to play with nice action and flat fretboard but you will definitely hear a difference in sound between a smaller body budget guitar and a full size higher end one.

8 years out of that talman, I'd definitely say you got your money's worth. If you've tried many guitars and you keep coming back to the big baby, then I think you're mind is pretty much made up already. Spending your money on something you love is never a waste IMO. You only live once.