Saving money for new gear seems to be a bit of an infinity project for me. I just recently got a job, but after working for three weeks I got an order to start my civil service in November. For those of you who don't know how civil service in Finland works, I pretty much have to work for a year with minimal pay. I'm not complaining, I'm glad that I can get it out of the way and I got a good job to work at, but my dreams of upgrading my crappy gear were once again thwarted.

But I did a bit of math and I guess that I might be able to save a few hundred bucks a month towards a new rig, and since this isn't much of an income I'm low on options on what to get. That's where Reverb.com comes in. Here's a nice parallel: A new Mesa Dual Recto costs 2500 euros (which is well over 3000 dollars) if I were to buy it in Europe, but in Reverb, I could get a Dual Recto head for 900 bucks with free shipping.

So what I'm asking is that what kind of expenses and complications should I expect when buying from an american site while living in Finland? Is it a good idea to begin with? If anyone who has ordered gear from there while living outside of america could help me with this, it would be much appreciated.
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So what I'm asking is that what kind of expenses and complications should I expect when buying from an american site while living in Finland? Is it a good idea to begin with?
It's not a hell of an idea to begin with.

You possibly have problems with stuff stuck at customs if you don't buy with a courier, the free shipping will probably only be to the US, however you have the thing shipped to you it's gonna cost you a hell of a lot of money considering you want a 120x50cm or so 25kg piece of gear.

Then if you don't have your stuff shipped with a courier hell knows how the thing will be handled, and while mesa's are solid I wouldn't risk the whole chassis, possibly the whole amp.

However you have your stuff shipped, you're gonna have to pay taxes on it.
Not little taxes - 21% in Finland IIRC.
You'll possibly have to pay that much on shipping as well.

In reality, what there costs $900, will probably end up costing you around €1200 and a lot of time.

A very quick search here found a used 2ch dual recto with upgraded power supply for €800 + some €100 for shipping.

You could get one from the US, but first be sure as hell you're ready to fill whatever paperwork might be needed and pay whatever might be needed ('cause bills keep popping out of the ****ing walls) and there's no good priced used dual recto they're selling from whatever country in the EU if not in finland.
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Call or email Reverb, they are going to know international shipping far better than most, if not all, of the folks here...

Also, Guitar Center and Musicians Friend websites ship to Finland, might be worthwhile to get in contact with them as well. You can even set currency and shipping options before you start looking.
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Thanks for the replies, I know that the best way is to email them but I wanted to see if anyone had any firsthand customer experience.

Now, I'm not actually getting a Dual Recto it was just an example. But even with 1200e and some wait time it would be a lot better than buying from Europe. I get your point about the customs though, I should definitely look into it. My initial plans would be to buy new stuff in the coming summer, so I have a lot of time to plan.

And I've looked at reverb because of their crazy used deals and their massive catalogue. But yeah, I understand that it might get really complicated and lengthy. The best option right now is to find some good used deals here in Finland, the used market isn't the best though.