So I have a Spider IV that actually regardless of peoples opinions I like it but I've outgrown it and think I'm ready to step up to a tube amp.

It needs to be able to play all styles well except for the super high gain shredding type stuff I don't do all that but just about anything else I play.

Now I play at home mostly but unlike a lot of other people trying to get the little 5w tube amps for home use I'm not looking for those. Don't get me wrong a nice 5w that I can play at home or even switch it down to 1w would be nice but my understanding is that those types of amps have pretty much no clean headroom.

Which I like my cleans and also my Marshall crunch.

Well I was looking at a few tubes guys so if you could let me know your thoughts on the ones I was looking at.

Also if you guys have Any other suggestions a requirement I have is I need am effects loop. And a Master Volume.

Also a headphone jack would be nice buy its not a requirement.

Try to keep it around the 15-20w mark. Budget is $600 new only.

I first started looking at the Marshall DSL5c, but then I was looking these others:

Laney Cub12R,
Egnater Tweaker 112,
Blackstar Venue series HT studio 20
Peavey Valveking II 20w.

One more thing if it has a power attenuater that is a HUGE Plus.
Laney Cub has a terrible clean headroom. Don't get it if you want cleans.

The Blackstar and the Peavey sound, in my opinion, pretty bad, and neither has spectacular cleans. They fit metal better.

I have no firsthand experience with Egnaters, but I've heard that they're good.

In my honest opinion, the Marshall is the best for you it has a good clean channel and a great crunch, at least if you could afford a DSL15c rather than the 5c
I really dig that Valveking 20 head, I think it'd work well for you. If I were in the market for an amp right now I would probably go with the Valveking 20.
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I tried tackling your request but all i came up with is used stuff. You could give the Fender Superchamp x2 a try. it's in that 15 watt range and it has two channels. the first is effectively just a tube amp with a bit of a clean preamp boost (as it appears to me) whereas the other channel gives you a selection of decent amp models.

It doesn't have an effects loop but it does have built in effects. It doesn't nail the Marshall tone but it's in the ballpark.

I can assure you it's a hell of a lot better sounding than a spyder, and if you're really interested in getting a nice new tube amp with clean headroom and effects loop then i think your budget might be a little low. I was thinking Peavey classic 30 At first, but you won't find that for 600 i wouldnt think.
I vote Tweaker. Really I liked the Rebel better, I don't how much they go for but I'd get one of those if possible.
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Play thru a Superchamp. It is my favorite home tube hybrid on the cheap. Clean tones are excellent and it does good Tweed OD, Vox OD and Plexi. It doesn't really convincingly go hi gain JCM 900/Mesa Dual Rec though. Effects are simple but musical. Far more interesting than Spidertown to these ears.
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That's the beauty of the RM100, if you get sick off your amp you just throw in a different module. You don't have to replace the entire amp. Probably out of your price range though, sadly.
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Laney IRT Studio fits almost all those requirements right? Except for the master volume. It's affordable, does a lot of styles well, and has a headphone jack. I'm just going off research though I've never played it myself. I'm just putting it out there as another amp to look into...
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Can anyone else tell me more about the peavey Valveking II? I mean I really like that it has everything I'm looking for plus its 20w with the ability to go to 1w. But I would like to know more about what kinds of tones I can get out of it
^ It's pretty new. I certainly haven't tried it yet. the old one would probably do what you want (though i'm not sure i'd have called the OD channel "marshally")
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Can anyone else tell me more about the peavey Valveking II? I mean I really like that it has everything I'm looking for plus its 20w with the ability to go to 1w. But I would like to know more about what kinds of tones I can get out of it

I played a 20 watter for a few minutes, it wasn't breathtaking but I thought it had some good sounds. I imagine a speaker upgrade would do a world of good, that's typical of most Peaveys
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