I can't find the By Moon and Star tab by Be'lakor. Ofcourse I have used Google to look for it but I just can't find it. Can you find it or do you have it?

Kickass song here
If you can't find it through a Google search then there's probably not a tab for it. I don't think many people tab songs and then keep them for themselves (at least I would hope not).

Anyway, I don't have time to tab the full song right now but if there are any riffs/parts in particular that you want to learn I can have a go at it.
Want tabs for those melodic lead riffs.
The first riff: 0:35-1:12
The second riff: 1:24-1:50

Thanks so much for the help. I think others who want to play this will appreciate your tab if you make one too. \m/
Since the other Be'lakor tabs are GP I assume you're okay with them. I really like this song so I'll probably try and do a full tab during Winter break.

Just so you know, the fingerings may need some adjusting; they seem right but I don't have my guitar with me so I can't check. :/
by moon and star.gp5
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Great! I think most of Be'lakor songs are good. Probably my favourite band and Insomnium.