I'm thinking about buying some amp simulator for home recording. The main goal would be to get the tone, what is on The jester race and on the Whoracle albums

I'm loking the GSP1101, POD HD PRO and Eleven rack.
What would be your choice? Or some other option?

These hardware amp simulators are much better then the VST's, like amplitube, TSE 50...?
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Hardware ones don't sound any better than good software ones, though for a variety of reasons they're a lot more convenient if you gotta play live shows.

If you don't have to, stick to the software ones which are in turn a lot more convenient if you gotta record stuff only.

There's an amp sims sticky in the recording section on this forum, you may wanna look into that, and also in the audio interfaces sticky (now it's called recording resources thread IIRC) since you'll need an audio interface to send your audio from the guitar to the computer.

IMO, the best sounding free ones are the lepou ones, then the nick crow ones, and then the tse ones, but I'm sure everybody'll have his own opinion.
As for the paid ones, the big winner is the softube amp room pack in my book, followed by bx_rockrack pro, but again, everyone'll like what they like.

Amplitube and guitar rig are pretty bad if you ask me.
They told me the first one is good as soon as you start using a good cab simulation and I can attest the second one is good but not exciting for everything clean or very lightly distorted.

Though, yeah, read the stickies.
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Amplitube actually recently released a new model of it and it sounds okay to me. However, I agree that Lepou definitely has the best amp VST's right now or high gain / metal home recordings. I suggest you don't buy a ux1 or any of those interfaces that come with pod farm or whatever else. Since I did that and just used Lepou and had much more satisfying results and wished I had spent the money on a better interface rather than one that gave me mediocre software that I just replaced.