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9 64%
5 36%
Voters: 14.
Okay, would you buy a NEW Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue for $354.75and a gig bag or USED/MINT Hagstrom Ultra Swede with no bag or case for $290? Any feedback would be appreciated
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I'd buy the Hagström...

'cause I already own a Nighthawk Custom RI
What do you think of the nighthawk? Have you done any mods or just playing it as it is? I guess I was asking which deal people though was better.
No mods done other than straplocks

It is the most versatile guitar you can get in this pricerange, IMO

'fenderish' sounding with Gibson/Epiphone feeling

you can get 9 different sounds out of this guitar
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I would go for the Hagstrom. Nicer looking guitar. Never liked the look of the nighthawks. Play them and then decide if you can.
Hagstrom- nicer for the price.
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In this case, I'd probably buy the Hagstrom, but only because I think it's a pretty good deal.
This assumes the quality is really minty and that there are no glitches with electronics or playability.

The Nighthawk is a nice machine, but I'm on the hunt for an original '90's version of exactly the same thing (and it will say Gibson on the headstock). I really like what Epiphone has done with the Nighthawk Custom, and it's a lot of guitar for the money, but the original is mahogany/mahogany neck (not sure about the neck) and the weight (and weight distribution) of the guitar is completely different. The Epiphones have a much lighter body wood and border on neck heavy; try the specific one you'd buy to see if it's balanced well.