I love Johhny's guitar work with The Smiths but as someone who plays folk, blues, some jazz and punk, his very non 1-4-5 guitar style is very mystical to me. So let's talk about it. My question is kinda hard to phrase but it's like

If someone wanted to play like Jimmy Read, people would tell them to start with learning a boogie blues pattern. Or if you wanted to play in the vein of Cobain, you should power chords and dropped D tuning. But playing and replicating the Smiths sound seems near impossible. It certainly doesn't appear to be found in any pentatonic scales or open chords. So is there any way to generalize the stlye and sound of Johnny Marr

ALSO let's talk about his RECORDING TECHNIQUES and all the layering and shit. Does anyone have any tips or such on that. For ex. breaking down all the diff parts in "Heaven Knows" or "Bigmouth" and how they stem from an original progession. I dunno man......anythings appreciated
All i can say about this is that Johnny was a fan of add9, sus, 9, major 7 chords, etc. and especially combines those with open strings which then again combined with his nice rhythm's create this airy dreamy feel. And yes of course you wont find all of this in open chords or pentatonic scales, cause pentatonic scales dont even use all 12 notes. dont think about what scales he couldve uses etc etc. Just recognize the key you're in and see for yourself what he does by playing what you hear him do. U'll soon find out what he does, and it will surprise you how simple it really all is and that its mostly the rhythm's that are his most complex work.