Alright, tonight I'm see Slowdive in Philly and this is my first concert going solo. Any of you or know anyone thats done this before?
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I've seen a couple of bands live on my own before. Was pretty fun because I was in my extremely active phase so I just moshed, spoke to some girls and had a crazy time not worrying about anyone else and where they are though. I'm more of a stand at the back and watch guy now so it's more fun to go with someone else now just to chat and stuff in down time.

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dude nice i'm jealous

i was going to go to a concert by myself tomorrow (that would be absolutely incredible) but don't think i'll be able to now =/

i recently saw like a "tips for going to concerts alone" thing but now i can't find it
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I've done it. If the music is good, who cares?
I went to a show last month in Oakland, which is supposedly a dangerous place. I was in one of the safer areas though, so nothing bad happened.
it's not a big deal.

although i'd never go into Philly or NY alone. not that i'm one of those people who thinks there's muggers around every corner. i just can't stand taking the train and shit to begin with, so i'm not gonna be sitting by myself for the ride there and back.
Dunno why people think there's anything wrong with it. You don't need others to enjoy listening to music. And like going out drinking alone, you're at a concert, you're bound to randomly meet up with some strangers to make friends with.
What's funny about bringing people along with you to concerts is that you end up getting separated almost %100 of the time. Going by yourself is great because you meet people and make new friends. Someone is always going to want to talk to you because everyone there has a similar interest.

Dont worry about it man, embrace it.
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I've been to a few concerts alone. They've all been pretty close by, so I didn't have to worry about driving back. I've been thinking of seeing The Birthday Massacre when they come to Philly next month, by I don't want to have drive 2 hours there, listen to the concert, than drive 2 hours back. #FirstWorldProbs
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I went to see Dannic alone and started talking to a guy before the show and we've gone out to clubs together like 3 times now. It's getting pretty serious.
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Most good things in life have to be done alone unless you have some awesome diverse group of friends.
my friend who comes with me to most concerts DOES always get separated from me.

but that's because he's a pussy-ass bitch and always stands in the back.

i get right up there and get my glasses punched or kicked off my face all the time. it defies science that they haven't been smashed to pieces yet.

i still wish fat people would stop stage diving though. last fatty that fell on me made something in my neck make a loud popping noise.

anyway, i can go to most shows here in NJ or anywhere in the tri-state area and there's a 75% chance i run into someone i know. so i'm never really alone.
I've been to a few concerts by myself. I didn't really spark up any new friendships though, but I enjoyed the concerts nevertheless. Just go, you don't want to regret not having seen the band live in the future, imagine if they break up all of a sudden.
I've been to a couple by myself (Periphery, In Flames, Killswitch Engage).

Didn't make friends cause a lot of the crowd was younger (I'm not even that old ;_; ). I'm talking like awkward high school metalheads and hardcore kids and scene girls and it made me feel very average and like i didn't get the skinny jeans, black tank and beanie memo.

Still, i don't regret going. All of those bands were killer, especially periphery, and at the end of the day i know i'll never see any of these kids ever again so **** em.
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Yes. Twice. To see Silverstein and Red. Was good.
I'm not very social so I don't try to make friends there though.
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I've never done it. It almost happened the other day, I was gonna go see TTNG by myself but a friend decided to join me at that last minute. Honestly, I don't think it's as terrible as people think it is.
Never done it for bigger/established bands, but been to a few local unsigned shows to show support for peers on the local scene. Most recent was a few months ago, to see the first gig of a band consisting of people from a few other bands I know/gigged with in the past.
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I go to shows alone all the time. Like, almost every time. It's fine dude.

As long as you're a big boy who is capable of transporting himself and you're not a douche who constantly needs to be high fiving his bros in person or through a phone, you'll have a good time.
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Never done it. not like I'm against it, but any show I've wanted to go to I've always found someone to go with.

Really the only going out thing I do alone is going to the casino. I'm not one to strike up a conversation with someone random unless I'm with people I know.
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Not a big deal. I've been to a few concerts alone and once the music starts you kinda forget that there's nobody with you. Honestly even when I take friends I forget they're there sometimes. If you do want to talk to people, just strike up a casual conversation, introduce yourself, but don't try to butt in on someone else's night. Nothing more awkward than that guy who just won't shut up and enjoy the show because he's trying too hard to be your buddy.
It aint no thing man. Just make friends with the dudes around you. You already have something in common with them. They'll even save your spot if you go take a piss or something.
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I have. Yes of course it's always better to go with someone to share the experience with- in fact the only time I've gone to a concert with someone else so far was when my brother took me to see Weird Al on the Straight Outta Lynwood tour- but if you ask me it's better to go alone then not at all- there's no telling how soon the artist will be back in your area.

As far as conversing with people at the show, I generally don't, unless they start talking to me first (I have Asperger's, so I'm already somewhat shy to begin with). For instance, when I saw Nickelback (haters gonna hate) a couple years ago, a random chick struck up a conversation with me shortly before their set- it started with her warning me that she was probably going to butcher the songs, and at one point I told her that I was there alone when she asked me if I was. It was pretty obvious that she was flirting with me, but unfortunately she disappeared into the crowd before we could exchange numbers.
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Done it couple of times.
I went to a heavy metal fest alone last summer. I really enjoyed it : great bands, and you're thousands of metalheads at the same place, so it's easy to find someone to talk between the shows,you make friends easily.
Still next year i'd prefer going back with a friend, just to share these moments (and to have him watching my bag if i take a nap ^^)
I recently went to Iron Maiden by myself. Also some other cool bands like Ghost were there.
I like my concert experience sober and most people were drunk. You can drink if you're like nervous though, it might help if you really wanna see the band but are anxious for whatever reasons. It's no problem making friends and talking to people there - because you're into the same music as everyone else at the show, you're cool with them - but if you're not a talkative person, they'll leave you alone (save the really drunk obnoxious people you may encounter). Concert people are friendly for the most part and tons of people are there by themselves, definitely no big deal. It's also a decent place to meet some cool girls - but you're there for the music right?
Yep, sometimes you have to. Pros and cons like anything.
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Alright, it went over pretty sweet. Talked to a few dudes. Probably the best pro was that I was able to shake hands with Rachel.
Please call me Rainer, was 16 and empty minded when I made my profile.

Sometimes I talk to myself too...but never on the internet.
I always go on my own.

- can go to whatever/everything. no compromising on tastes.
- don't have to worry about staying around friend all night
- no friends.

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I always go on my own.

- can go to whatever/everything. no compromising on tastes.
- don't have to worry about staying around friend all night
- no friends.


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You lost me at "Lubricate."

I'm raw, like nature. Nature boy. Big jungle leaves are my cum rags.

Sometimes I fuck a bamboo shoot.

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Just barreling dogs and barking trains
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I was able to shake hands with Rachel.

Lucky bastard.
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