Hi! I currently am looking to upgrade and get a half stack but am having trouble trying to find the one that would fit my style the best. I own a fender american deluxe strat with a humbucker in the bridge and I am looking to get an amp with good distortion where I can play anything from green day to Metallica to beware of darkness. I have been looking at Marshall's and tending to lean more towards those. What would be the best half stack to get that would be able to give me good distortion and clear lead channels with good clean channels?
Where do you live, what's your budget, and how important are cleans to you?

Marshall wouldn't be a hell of a choice for all that stuff.
Well a DSL maybe.
though not my first choice for sure.

I'm thinking Jet City, the cab depending on what you can find where you live.
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green day (at least, older green day) is generally a marshall i think

early metallica too

not sure about beware of darkness, i've never heard of them
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get a DSL 50 and a boost. cheap and simple.

they are also available in a combo. i can't remember which is which but the older one is better. (either DSL401 or DSL401c cant remember) the OLDER for the older one you want AFTER 2003.
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Green day is a marshall

Kill 'Em All is a marshall boosted with a rat
Ride the Lightning is a boosted Marshall slaved with a Mesa power amp
Master of Puppets is a Mesa Mark II C+
...And Justice for all is a Mark II C+ as well
The Black Album was a Mark IV

Your best bet for early metallica and green day stuff is a JCM800

If you're going for later metallica, you'd do well with a 6505
Cleans are very important. I am just looking for something that would get good distortion like green day and metallica but be able to be versatile in its cleans.

You'd probably have to find a used one. I have seen them on the net. The old stock hasn't run out everywhere.
Or just find a used RM100 and load it up with whatever the **** you want.
Starting from scratch, I'd load these into it:
For your Marshall tones - http://salvationmods.com/index.php?page=mash-all
The Mesa Mark tones: http://salvationmods.com/index.php?page=markus
I've got both of those. The JCM800 tones had a guy with a vertical 2203 come up to me at a gig asking how I got my tone.
The Markus is pure Mesa Mark 2. Mine's got the bass extender from the 2C.

And whatever clean module takes your fancy; but maybe this:

Those modules would be superior to the ones in the Kirk Hammet sig. Well, they're handbuilt, boutique modules. Have a poke around those two sites. You'll drown in drool.
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Does anyone have any opinions on the EVH 5150 iii?

Good amp and it could cover the ground you want.
^ I agree with half of it - it definitely is a good amp.

Too tight and modern sounding for what you wanna do though imo.
I mean it would work, but it wouldn't get you THEM sounds.