I picked up this yamaha TRB-5P five string bass locally for $400 with the hardshell case. A previous owner replaced the original pickups with active EMG humbuckers. This involved milling out some of the body as it was originally an active PJ bass. I can't speak to whether the new pickups were better than the original ones. I'd rather have it original but I don't think I'd have gotten it for the price if it was.

I want to do a few things.
It has peizo pickup built into the bridge that are no longer hooked up. I want to hook them up. Not sure how to do this. I've attached the wiring diagram, it looks like there was circuitry that has been removed, including an op-amp. Looks like it is a TL062CP which I can get no problem. I need a new pot too. But I am willing to build it on a protyping board and stick it in. EDIT: although I just noticed that the piezo pickups come into the signal mix in the middle of the other circuitry, but now all that circuitry is built into the EMG pickups? This might take some ingenuity.

Also, it looks like the pickup height isnt as adjustable as it should be. See the pic. Looks like I should mill it out a bit more where they left higher parts.

Thoughts? Can anyone with this model in original conditon tell me how it is wired? Did I get a good deal? I think so. I'm handy with electronics and soldering irons so I should be able to do what is needed.

PICTURES: https://plus.google.com/photos/110639091981200938878/albums/6073600291843560321?authkey=CNuApt-emo2iVw
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You don't see those particular models very much, so finding someone who has one - and who understands the wiring - is a long shot. I would take the bass and that schematic diagram you have to a very good guitar technician and talk to him or her about what you wish to do.
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