My cousin gave a very old Peavy Rockmaster guitar. Im sure it needs serious adjustments, but im a rookie when it comes to guitar hardware. Is it OK if I remove all of the strings at the same time? I really need to clean the freatboard. Also, I plan to use this guitar to play in C tuning, so which string gauge should I use? And if someone could post a link to a page where I can learn to calibrate a guitar step by step, including truss rod and intonation, it would help alot. Thanks.
Yes, you can absolutely take all the strings off, and you should, to clean the fretboard. C Standard, or Drop C? Either way, I'd go with skinny top heavy bottoms (10-52) at least. Maybe 11s or 12s with 54 or 56 low C, if you're going all the way to C Standard.
Thanks man, its just that many friends always told me to never remove all the strings at the same time, or it can damage the truss rod, but I never believed them xD
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Maybe if you are leaving them off for an extended amount of time... A very long extended amount of time, but I think you'll be ok. The truss rod acts to keep the neck in it's proper position against the tension of the strings trying to pull it up and make it bow. You're not going to damage it though by having the strings off.
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I don't know where that myth perpetuated from but yeah, that's a really stupid thought. Relieving tension on the neck doesn't damage the truss rod. You should take off all the strings every time you change the strings to clean the guitar, fretboard, ect. I can understand it more on trems where you'd want to do one string at a time to keep tension on the trem system and keep it level, but all my guitars are fixed bridge and all the strings come off when I change them.
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It should be ok, like everyone says. And i use 52-11s for drop C tuning. Id go with 52-12 or 54-13s for Cstandard
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If you're still looking, I use the D'Addario Jazz (12-52) for drop C (and sometimes D and Eb) and they work fine.