i've been the only guitarist in my band for quite some time and we just got another guitarist and there's one part of a song I think would sound cool if one of use played the harmony to it. if someone could either tell me how to figure out the harmony or what scale it is possibly even just tell me what to play that would be great!! everything but the 0s are tapped 8 and 10s are done with my left and everything else is with the right. and we play in drop b...

B ---------------------------------------------------------------12-14-12-10---------------------
B ---00000-8--------8----------8--------00000-8---------8-------------------------------------

any help would be greatly appreciated. it might be a stupid question but i'm having some major issues trying to figure out harmonies.
I can't say what scale or what chords are played but I usually put the songs in tab(guitar pro)
And mess around with what sounds good(sounding good is what you're after, no ?)

For instance guitar one and two can play one chord, but each play an individual note ex.

Guit 1


And guit 2


So the chords(if they are, though)

Would be


On one guitar.

Hope this helps...
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The notes in your riff are B, G, E, F#, C# and A. If we arrange the notes, we get B, C#, E, F#, G and A. That's the B minor scale without a D.

To figure out the scale, figure out the note names you are playing and figure out the key you are in (usually the scale you are using is the same as the key you are in).

Harmonizing in thirds is pretty common. But you could just use your ears.

It is easier if you have something like Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar or whatever that can play back your ideas. That way you can add notes and listen to it. If some of the notes don't sound good, just change them.
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i tried doing it by ear i just couldn't get it. it just sounded off anyway i did it. but thank you both for your help i think i have an idea of were to go with it now.
Two things:

If you are going to harmonize in thirds, you may need the occasional fourth or other interval in order to make the line fit over the chords.

Also, make sure you are harmonizing them diatonically to the key. A "real" harmonization instead of a tonal one (just shifting the entire line up a 3rd) will more than likely sound awful in a rock band setting. Unless you guys are playing dissonant music.
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