As wifi is more and more popular, the security of network become more and more important for us. To protect us and help us to use network better, we develop wifi jammer . Wifi jammer is a kind of high technology deive that could create an electromagnetic protection field around us, to prevent safety leaks, eliminate the noisy and pollution of wifi signal. It could jam bluetooth signal, wifi signal signal, 2.4G frequency wireless camera, wireless LANS and so on.

Wifi jammers are widely used in our days now. In many places we need wifi jammer to help us. We need wifi jammer in all kinds of offices, negotiate rooms; we need wifi in our cars and all kinds of important peson guarded area; we need wifi jammer in all kinds of conference rooms in our government and enterprise; we also need wifi jammer in some speical personal request.

There are many kinds of wifi jammers, portable wifi jammer, destop wifi jammer, single function wifi jammer, multi-function wifi jammer. Different wifi jammers have different price and meet different request, customers should choose a suitable wifi jammer according to his require. Wifi jammer also is called wifi blocker .

Here is a good wifi jammer: the 100W High Power 2.4G WiFi Jammer with Omnidirectional FRP Antenna Up to 200 Meters. Seldom we can see the high power signal jammer that designed specially to block the WiFi 2.4G signal, but this 100W High Power 2.4G WiFi Jammer with Omnidirectional FRP Antenna Up to 200 Meters you are viewing here is just the high power 2.4G WiFi jammer owns the ability.

Firstly, as designed with 100W high power the jamming distance of this WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker is up to 200 meters to cut off the WiFi 2.4G and Bluetooth signals from all the directions since it uses the Omni-directional antenna, which is really powerful. Thus the high quality cooling system that owns built-in cooling fan inside has been used on this high power 2.4G wifi signal jammer , so this high power 2.4G WiFi signal blocker can always stay in good working condition and easily reach the 24/7 nonstop working goal as it is powered by the AC adapter.

And this high power 2.4G WiFi jammer also owns wide application areas as for places such as the prison, guard, invigilate meeting room, library, theater, class room and so on.


Affected Frequency Ranges: WiFi:2400-2500MHz
Power supply: AC adapter(AC110/220V-DC27V)
Shielding Radius: Up to 200 still depends on the signal strength in given area.
Total output power: 100W
Weight: 19kg
Size: 350*272*150mm

Power adaptor
Omnidirectional FRP Antenna