I have a JVM410H and i love it a lot. It has some brutal gain but I need some tighter tones. I have a fulltone OCD that helps a little but im not sure what else i can do. I recently got my first seven string and im trying to get a tight bouncy tone that makes every note super clear. i might have to save up for a new amp? maybe a 6505+?
A better amp would help in general. But you should be able to get it pretty tight anyway. Roll the mids back a little bit, make sure bass isn't super high. Maybe try a noise gate?
Tube screamer in the front, or an EQ in the loop.
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The OCD isn't really regarded as a great boost. AFAIK. Try a Way Huge Green Rhino in front.

You shouldn't need a new amp, unless you just don't like yours.

The JVM has way more gain than it should. Don't be afraid to keep the knobs low or use the orange/yellow channels (can't remember right now which color it is).
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+1 on something tubescreamerish or sd1-ish
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Also +1 on a tubescreamer. If you're playing very chuggy stuff, however, I don't recommend a tube screamer since I'm very picky about my low end and resonance of my chugs and honestly I found that the tube screamer took away some of my low end thump. But it does a great job at adding clarity to the midrange frequencies.
Yep a Tubescreamer would be a great choice. If you want to save a few bucks I have a GFS Greenie classic and it is 3 TS pedals in one *(TS-808,TS-9 and a modified TS circuit) and is $50 new. I've had one on my pedal board for a few years and it seems sturdy.

The Digitech Bad Monkey is decent and cheap. It has a bass knob which is nice, but doesn't have the volume boost of the GFS. The Joyo Vintage OD is a TS clone also for cheap.

Or you can spend more if you want to
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