I put two songs in my music website: "Have the Time" is the song on top, and "How Could It Be Now?" (which has more guitar) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I will review you. I promise! Here is the link:


On a side note, my song "Beware of the Giant Squid" got played on 106.7 KROQ (on the Kevin and Bean Show) in Los Angeles, on October 16th! Here is a link to that song:

The first track could do with some cleaner mixing, its kind of new-wave sounding which always plays much better with a more crispy sound. The different elements sound like they're competing for space sometimes too, could probably be sorted out by tweaking the EQs and maybe adding some sidechain on the bass.
The second track sounds good, though for the vocal stretches (like the one at 1:30) I'd turn down the effects. Would sound better raw with maybe a touch of reverb.

Recorded this earlier, could do with some feedback, let me know: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1659753
The echo on vocals in "How Could It Be Now?" works like charm! "Have the Time" has a great 80's vibe on it. The balance in mixing seem ok in both, only the drums lack some power, you could try to compress and/or EQ them. The guitar parts feel a bit too dominant but on the other hand, the effects in there are great.

Overall, I think both of the songs would be great with decent production!
These are a great start! First song was trippy and cool. Second does need some power with the drums. Maybe some crashes on cymbals. I know its hard to find descent cymbals sounds but they are out there. I do all mine in Cubase with VST instruments. I do think the effects on the vocal could be turned down a touch but thats just my preference. Cool stuff!
Cool vibe man, the first song is super 80s sounding initially. Which is sweet. Don't be afraid to make your drums a little punchy, it might improve your sound to make them a little louder. Both songs have a little Pink Floyd touch do them, just a little of that psychedelic quality.

Chorus in Have the Time sounds like the Strokes a bit, which is cool. I like your finished products, they're not at all what I expected. Nice to see people being original in their music. Keep at it!
"Have The Time":
Liking the bass to that kick. First thing I noticed. The synth-work is very catchy and the vocals play off them well. Good use of effects on that guitar; the guitar work on the solo at 1:36 was a bit sloppy, but the effects covered it up some and made it sound really cool. Vocals aren't the best I've heard, but they work great for this style of music.

"How Could It Be Now":
Quite a bit different from your other material as the guitar is the most prominent aspect of this track. Caught my attention right from the start. Good guitar/bass tone. The vocals sound extremely Ozzy/Rob Zombie-ish. I can dig it. Nice delay/reverb use. Again, the solo is a tad sloppy with the fast parts; needs a bit polishing up, but I like the raw sound it gives off too. Maybe double-track the rhythm guitars and pan them each on far sides for a more full effect. Great song, dude!

As always, your signature 80's sound is catchy as ever and gets stuck in the listeners head. Great tunes! Thanks for the critique on my song!
listening to How Could It Be Now?

really like the riff at 25secs. vocals though as you know are not my cup of tea just a bit too quirky but they work well in this song

flipping smokin solo - love it

As already said, "Have the Time" definitely have an 80's vibe that I dig. Vocals start a bit trippy but it works well with the song, also nice usage of the guitar effects.

Crash is a bit too low in the mix of "How Could it Be Now?", and the rythm guitar sounds quite distant to me.

Both songs are really catchy.

The guitar solos would benefit from some more tightness though.
Just listened to "Have The Time" and "How Could it be Now?". Very interesting ideas, I like the feel of both. However, the second track seems to lack fullness in my opinion on the instrumental part. I really like the vocals though! Maybe experiment with different drums, those guitars would really go with an acoustic set. I would also suggest a different EQ on the guitars, but I must first ask you what you use to record them, since that has a big influence on the overall sound.
Would love it if you could check out my song too! Link
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Cheers for the crit.

Had a listen to 'Have The Time'. You had some nice drum fills going on. I think the mix needed a little work i.e. the guitar solo track was too loud and I think the vocals needed to be a little bit clearer, even if they are supposed to have that digital/computer-y feel.

Regardless of that, it's a solid song man. One thing I'd change composition-wise is to include a catchier vocal melody somewhere. I feel there needs to be some sort of a hook in there.
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! "How Could It Be Now?" was recorded on a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder (with its effects and COSM amp models on guitar). "Have the Time' was recorded using Cubase LE4: Guitar has PodXT amp models and effects.

What state or country are your from Painkiller94?
Thanks for commenting on my mix, and sorry for returning the favour so late!

Have the Time has an interesting 80's synth pop feel to it, not something I know much about but definitely works - mix-wise I think it's fairly solid, although the bass and kick seem to clash a little, and overall the mix could use more fullness (as previously stated by someone else) but you may be able to fix that with a good mastering chain (although fixing it in the mix would be best).

How Could it Be Now is something I'm a little more familiar with; The bass sounds pretty cool and the vocals are pretty old school sounding, but I think the drums are a little thin and maybe try double tracking the guitars for more stereo width and clarity - at the minute everything seems to be quite centred.

Cool tracks, keep it up
Really like the surf vibe on beware of the giant squid, and how it fits with the rest of the song is really interesting and quite unique.

For some reason the song reminds me abit of Boris the Spider by The Who haha.

The synth solo was really cool and was another good dynamic that makes the song stand out.
have the time - i always have time for proggy synth-pop! i'm probably just going to reiterate what other people have already said. vocals are great (maybe too much echo/delay on it - although i'm guessing that's stylistic). it could be tighter, instrumentally. er, more polished. it's a bit chaotic/jammy in its current state. far be it for me to criticize your creative process, but it doesn't feel entirely finished.

how could it be now - cool intro, interesting rhythm. great song. solo could be a little more thought-out/coherent. mix feels a bit off (feels like the whole song is hiding behind electric drums - it'd be cool to hear it with a live band).

i'd say (and this is a generalization) that your essentially trying to recreate a live feeling with your recordings. recorded music isn't supposed to be that, well, not that it isn't supposed to be that, but if you sit down at a computer and open up an audio editing program, why not take advantage of that? i think if you put a little more forethought (or went back and rerecorded what you've done with foresight gained through the recording process) that you'd end up with a much better finished product (cleaner isn't the word, because i think one of the things i like about your music is the dark edgy gritty feeling i get from it). that's just my opinion, though, and i'm just a douchebag on the internet venting in a vain attempt to escape my own insecurities :P
Find a few tracks that are similar to how you want your music to sound like (production-wise) and compare your track and the other.

How could it be now: Interesting song but
Vocals are way too high in the mix and have way too much fx
The distorted guitars sound tame.

I wouldn't like to comment on Have the Time as it's not what I listen to and could only give a biased review.
Hey man, sorry it's taken me a bit to crit back. first thing i noticed, have you changed your recording setup at all? The new stuff sounds in even higher quality then your older stuff.
As for have the time: wow man, sounds pretty cool. I really love the guitar work (And the echoy whammy bar part, that was neat) And is that tapping?!?!? Oh man, thats sweet!!! This might be my new favorite song of urs!
How could it be now: Not a huge fan of the guitar tone on this. However, this is super punky souunding, super neat. Im kind of missing the electirc influences in this though. They are still there a bit, but, you're def changing it up (Which is good). Much different than ive come to expect from you. Cant say it's bad though. Pretty damn awesome man!!!! You're def super talented
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I appreciate it. On some of the guitar solo, on "Have the Time", I'm tapping a pick against the fret board (around 1:47 for a few seconds), that usually works better for me than finger tapping. My basic recording set up has not changed much in years. Every year, I get generally get a couple of new software items. I used Melodyne for the harmony guitar during the lead.
Have the Time
I enjoy the Goblin/Drive soundtrack type vibe in this song. The mix sounds pretty good and vocal line is interesting!

How Could it be Now?
I like the dirty guitar tone. The vocals are very cool- good effects, creative melodic line, and some unpredictable moves into higher registers.

Some notes in the guitar solo worked better than others, but overall it sounded like fun to play through. I especially liked when you stripped the backing instruments down to bass/drums. Nice work!
Have The Time.

The drums get slightly lost in the mix in some places. The synth parts are definitely the best part of this song. Some real funky parts I think that the soloing phrasing needs a little bit of work. To be honest, I'd remove it completely I think that the parts without the lead are much much better.

I really like the synth/vocal parts. Really retro.

How Could It Be Now?

Drums sound definitely lacking and the guitars are a lot louder, I would try and bring the drums up. Great guitar tone though.

The vocals remind me of Janes Addiction. I like the style and the amount of reverb gives it a definitive element, although a lot of it is inaudible. I would definitely work on the phrasing in the solo, it's also not as clean as it should be, even for the style of music. I think it could benefit from more quality and less quantity.

I like the main riff a lot. I really think that the vocals are the coolest thing about this song. I really dig them, but I'd just try to work on the mix and pronunciation to make them more audible.

I think that the song has a lot of potential, I'm not just saying that either. I think it needs tidying up and some better takes, but I do really like it.
Have The Time - I really liked the vocals on it, but the drum beats on the beggining get a bit lost

How Could It Be Now? - Now this one is much better in my opinion. Catchy guitar riff with vocals somewhat remembering me of Alice Cooper. Only thing I'd add are some "stronger" drum loops.

In short, I really liked both songs, but the second one is definitely better in my opinion.
Listened to "Have the time". I'm not into that kind of music that much, but it reminded me of Depeche Mode by moments. The vocals are great, I like how the phrasing ends. I don't like the drums very much though. The solo part sounded psychedelic by moment, it was great. With respect to progression, some moments felt weak compared to what was expected, e.g. after the solo (it feels like a buildup, but then no release). Did you record everything by yourself? Nice job.
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! I recorded both songs entirely myself. I would say about 95% of the songs on my website are completely done by myself.