I usually just cover songs, but lately I've been attemtping to write some of my own music. I don't really have anyone else I hang out with who plays music, so I figured the only other place to share it would be the internet. I mostly do it as a hobby, so there's no need to be too critical, but any constructive criticism is welcome. I figure if I am going to spend the time writing these, I may as well make the effort to improve as best I can. It's basically a fingerstyle folk song. I couldn't find a way to make a chorus with the guitar arrangement. Cheers.


Lately I've been thinking about
Packing up and leaving this town
Head some place where the sun never shines
I wasn't meant for the bright side of life

Lately I've been feeling down
I can't seem to stand the sound
Of my own voice, ringing through my ears
And i've thinking about getting out of here...

Lately I’ve been all alone
Locked in the basement of our crowded home
With my guitar and a bottle of gin
Wondering when this feeling will end
Well that is depressing. Pretty good though. I don't particularly like the last line though. Kinda get a vibe through the song of being fed up, ready for a new start, but that last line chalks it up to a feeling. Like a angry teen. It'd be a killer with some sort of impact wording.
Yeah definitely depressing. Is this the finished product? If it's not, it'd be cool to see you turn it around and start seeing the bright side of things and show hope
A little melancholy but i like those lyrics. can i write the music for it? What is the chorus, and sub chorus,s?
It actually isn't a finished product. I only had 2 verses. I stuck the third one in when I was posting so it woudln't be an unfinished song getting critiqued. THe last verse will probably go. I suppose it is a little melacholy, but I try to be honest when writing. If I don't feel particularly happy and full of hope I won't write a song to try and convince myself. That's not very authentic and I think people can see through it.