She's here! 1976 Les Paul Custom.... now i have to stare at her for 6 more hours until i can get home and plug her in.

Nice guitar dude. Looks like shes gonna play very well. Grats
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Nice!!! '78 LP Custom is still the best Gibson I've ever owned.
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Makes me miss my '79 Gold Top even more. Those '70s LPs all seemed to play so well. Super quality instruments. That one looks like it's in amazing condition. Congrats!!!!
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That is like totally and absolutely pristine. Nice score. Hope you make her gather more miles for a long time.
Gear pics

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Looks fantastic, congrats! HNGD

You might want to edit the OP to include a video or written review of the guitar, as required on the NGD threads rules.
Also, this thread probably belongs in the Electric Guitar subforum.
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Is that an original or a reissue? Because it doesn’t look old in the pictures.
damn shes a looker.
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Is that an original or a reissue? Because it doesn’t look old in the pictures.


If it's actually an original '76, it looks like it has been refinished and had new gold hardware fitted (the bridge does not match the '76 specs). I'm actually a little suspicious of how immaculate this guitar looks.
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