i dont know if this is the right place for this question.
but i wonder if it makes sense to search people via internet.
i'd really love to sing in a band, but i'm shy when it comes to singing in front of strangers (of course i know i need to change this bla bla), i'd love to have friends around me who love music and want to form a band, but i dont have them.

so how did you find your band?
An internet search worked for me. In fact it worked almost too well... >.>

I'm suspicious.
Depending on age, internet might work, but if youre a minor I don't recommend this to be honest, or if youre going to, then be very careful about who you meet up with. Even if it's not an extreme like the person is a rapist, you'll find some of the people who listen to certain types of music even if it's the same type of music you like can be much more "extreme" about things like drugs and stuff that might make you very uncomfortable and that will make it even harder to sing in front of them. I used to be very shy, and never had any friends to play with, but if you start talking to people, lots of people, people you meet in school and work and wherever you go, you'll find people who play music, and eventually people who play the music you wanna play. Try to be friends first, especially if youre shy about your musical ability. Then once youre friends, arrange a jam session. Not to mention once you meet one person, there's a reasonable chance they have friends who play music too who you can in turn meet. I met my band through a mutual friend, and got lucky that our personalities match a lot.

And if you really can't find anyone who plays music, or the kind of music you wanna play, go to shows and talk to people there. The biggest problem with all this is the shyness man trust me I was there you just have to get over it and start talking to people for the sake of talking to them and you'll find people to play with.
I found mine on joinmyband.co.uk - obviously that's a British site, but I'd expect there to be something similar in most countries
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Quote by GaryBillington
I found mine on joinmyband.co.uk - obviously that's a British site, but I'd expect there to be something similar in most countries

Same here man!
thanks for your replies!
@bloodandempire, you seem to understand my problem quite well, i thought about the same things, and i think its much easier to search for a band when you don't want to be the singer (and yes, i am VERY insecure). but i doubt that i would be less shy in front of friends of friends of friends.. you know. or strangers i met at a show... talking to them would not be such a problem, but singing in front of them...
i am so jealous of the people who have best friends to play with, best friends who are as motivated as they are. i have many friends that like/make music but none of them wants to form a band and take the thing seriously, but i want to, that's the problem.
I know this won't work for most people, but it is for me:

Was in a band, then bassist and I went out on our own. We do most of the recording ourselves, and get people to record other instruments then send them to us online - either we know them or we find them. This is for a studio band though, hope it gives a different perspective
interesting. so one of you writes the songs and the other ones just play it and send it to you? or do you create the music together?
We do all of the recording at his home studio. We write the songs ourselves and do a GP5 arrangement, send it back and forth until we're happy with them and then record them together properly. If we get outside people to record and send us their part, they'll either be playing something we've written for them or they'll be improvising.