I found this old joke album recently and I want to relearn it but I don't posses the skills to tab out all these ridiculous notes. I don't have the original audio files so I can't even isolate each track.The whole thing should be in Standard Tuning, if something sounds like it's not Standard it might be Drop D or just generally out of tune, so don't be fooled there's no weird tunings or capos. If anyone is able or wants to tab it out just for fun that would be super cool and nice and I would appreciate that so much. If you want to tab out the bass, and every guitar on each track that's totally cool, if you only want to tab out one part of a guitar for an intro that's cool too. I can figure out some of this stuff but the weirder stuff is really what throws me off.

Have at it.


**you don't have to figure out Dogfarts