Been hard at work on improving my production, programming, and harsh vocals. This song is my version of one of my old band's originals. I know i'm not the best, but I do try my very best Would really appreciate if you guys gave it a listen and let me know your honest opinions; good or bad. Constructive criticism is always great to have.

Anyway, critique for critique as always. Hopefully you like it!
Thanks for listening, everybody!

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I like the song overall. The vocals are decent, they remind me of VOD. I think there might be a b it too much reverb on them though. The mix sounds good overall. There are a few spots that sound like the timing is off though. I also hear a spot that the guitar is real staccato and it doesnt sound natural it starts right around the 30 sec mark. The riff isnt bad, but it sounds like you edited it. Im not sure if that is the case, or that the compressor is cutting it off. I know that some guys do this on some complex parts, but I think if you let th guitar ring just a bit longer it would sound better.

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not my style of music but its recorded very well! Is that just one guitar track playing? I think it might benefit you to record several and layer them, maybe panning them (but that might sound muddy, I'm not sure!) I like the vocals, I wish they were louder! I'd experiment with mic placement to have them sound closer.. they sound a tad distant!

thanks for your review by the way!
listening as i type...

guitar sound is a bit too thin for me but the riffs are smoking hot! the main riff is killer

vox not my cup of tea but fit the song well, maybe bring the bass up a tad to make up for the slightly thin tone of the distorted guitars

some potential here, interested to hear what you come up with in future
The riffage guitar was like uber loud but the vocals made up for it. I would definitely want to slay zombies while this is going off. Not like in a moment-passionate-like way tho. Lots of anger emotions.
Hello, I liked the track you could definitely hear the punk elements in their. The Vocals were well done, i think you have a good and distinctive scream.

Your main riff is good and catchy. It seems a little off beat at the start of some bars but the drums marry up with those staccato parts well, the drums were well written throughout really.

I like the part from 2:11 when you introduce the octaves.

Production wise I think you could bring the volume of the guitars down slightly because they seemed to be at a greater level than the vocals during the chorus and verses. The kick drum sounded great and or the snare a little reverb which fades out by the time of the next hit will give it a fatter sound along with a compressor around 4:1 ratio with a fast attack time.

Good stuff, Keep them coming

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I like the song. The guitars sound a bit too treble-y for me, I prefer meatier rhythm tones. The drums sound pretty good and the mix is good. The vocals aren't really my style but they fit the song well!