They are roughly the same price.

What's the real difference?

Which should I go with?

Is it worth it to drop the 80 dollars on them or just go with cheap little cables from Guitar Center already made.

I'm talking about the solderless guitar cables they offer, for the record.
Hi TylerKSchrute.

First off, the cables you use to connect your FX pedals is indeed a big influence to how the overall sound and tone will turn out. Meaning that cables that costs a little more often tend to sound better and give a smoother sound, simply because they're made from greater and stronger materials..
With that said, let's get down to the question you asked:

Well, I use George L Solderless cables to connect between my FX pedals, and I really love them.
When I changed from a standard already made cable from the music store to George L I was blown away by the sound I heard! I couldn't believe it, my overall tone was so much better.
I've read that many people say they break easily, but I've never experienced that. If you know how to assemble them correctly, then it's know problem.

The difference between Lava and George L, IMO, would be a couple of things. Firstly, the plugs that comes with the Lava kit seems to be a bit more quality-like, where the George L's seems more like a standard plug. Second, many people have tested and compared the two brands and found that the Lava solderless cable was a bit stronger, because of it's thickness. Some tend to say that the assembly of the Lava Cable is more secure than the George L, but again, it depends on how you assemble it and if it's done correctly..

If I were you, then I would search a bit on Google and read a little about the two brands. Then I would go to YouTube and listen to some of the videoes where people test the cables.
Go for it, they're out there!

Good luck!
In my opinion, there isnt really that big a difference between different brand cables anywhere in your setup so long as the cable is well shielded and well made. theres much more tone loss related to how long the cable is from the amp to the pedalboard and back than anything else. those $80 and $90 sets you are looking at bring a 10' cable and 10 jacks, which makes it overpriced as hell. Best to get a bunch of the cheap premade patch cables and save a hell of alot of money.

The main reason to get solderless set is because with that you can easily clean up your pedalboard.
There's little to choose from between the George L and lava cables; pick the one you think is prettiest. I use neither, nor will I use the cheapos.

FWIW, I buy Canare cable in bulk and add Neutrik ends. Much less expensive and (IMHO) better quality.

The real issue with pedals and pedalboards is that each connection is a factor in degrading your sound. If you've got 10 pedals, you've got 20 points of failure and/or signal degradation (not including internal cable issues), to say nothing of the pedals' internal electronic structure. Run a pair of expensive Mogamis to your guitar and to your amp from the pedalboard if you wish, but it's the pedalboard and the connectors between the pedals that will be the source of most of your signal losses (sorry if that's contrary to the poster's opinion above).

It's one of the reasons I've mostly moved to modelers/multiFX units. Connectors between FX are eliminated, and each pedal isn't introducing its own signal degradation. Ideally, I have a single footboard out front with a single ethernet cable (which is completely out of the guitar's signal path, BTW) running to the MFX unit. Beyond that, I've got either a single guitar cable running to the backline or a pair of shorties running from guitar to wireless transmitter and from receiver to MFX unit.
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Quote by bustapr
In my opinion, there isnt really that big a difference between different brand cables anywhere in your setup so long as the cable is well shielded and well made.

No. There is a big difference between brands. The difference is in the cable capacitance, usually stated as picofarads per foot. The higher the capacitance and the more total cable, the more high frequencies get filtered out. My own capacitance tests of cables have shown that the George L cable I am using is the lowest of the commonly available ones by quite a bit. Lava and Evidence Audio cable is not far behind. Does it make a difference? Absolutely, unless you are a pedal minimalist, but with many pedals and cables, the difference is audible to even non-musicians (my wife).