Hi guys,

I am planning to buy an Amp. I have my eyes set on the Vypyr VIP 2. But before buying, I would like to know are there any other amps in the same price category which are similar to the VIP 2 or better? Thanks.

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Easy Vypyr Tube 60...

searched for it..out of budget..its almost double the price of VIP 2 here in India
You won't find a better new amp for the price.
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You won't find a better new amp for the price.

What about the Fender mustang 2?
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What about the Fender mustang 2?

The consensus opinion is that Fender has better cleans, but the Vypyr is better for high gain and metal.
Called up a store today. The guy said Line 6 are also good for my preference. Could you please name a few Line 6 for the same budget and features as the VIP 2? The VIP 2 is currently priced at India Rupee 20,500 which is $334.58.
^ he probably wants to sell you a Spider III or such.

The only Line 6 amps that I would consider is the Vetta, DT Series, Spider Valve and Flextone. If they have one of those for $334 then I'd consider it.

BTW - I own a Vypyr Tube 60 and I got it used for $315. I've seen them as low as $250. For me, it is superior to all the Line 6 amps especially in the price=performance ratio.

PS: I realize you are in India. You are just going to have to hunt.
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What about the Fender mustang 2?

They’re not bad amps, but because they’re intended to be used with a computer, they’re a PITA to use. And Peavey does high-gain modeling better.

The guy said Line 6 are also good for my preference.

Line 6 does not make anything comparable. The DT amps are nice, but are significantly more expensive than the Vypyr. The Spyder amps sound like shit.
I DO NOT recommend the Line 6 Spider. They sound alright for ss, but I would definitely not gig with one. That being said, the versatility of tones you can get out of that amp is astonishing and the many on-board effects that come with it make pedals for it almost pointless unless you don't have the footswitch.
Go for the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2, it's a great amp and it'll do what you want.

Whatever you do, don't buy a Line 6 Spider. The Vypyr is infinitely better.
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Well, I was going to buy the VIP 2. But its only available online. So i wont be able to test it, listen to it etc. Thats why I am interested in any other amps similar to the VIP 2. Someone mentioned the Blackstar and Roland amps.