I bought a tourqouise Mako Traditionals TB-2 this afternoon for $7 (the guy wanted $11). It has no electronics on it but is in sound condition. I've done some internet research but can't find much on the company or the original values of these guitars. Do any of you know anything?
From that site:

Mako guitars are a highly collectible brand of mainly Japanese guitars from the 1970's and 1980's. The Mako brand went defunct in 1989 but today many folks are coming across these well-made guitars from another era. The woods in these old Mako's has had some time to settle and now instaed of a cheap guitar,you have a great vintage resonant axe. Reviews, Photos, Videos and Questions at Mako Guitars the Tribute and info hub everything MAKO http://www.makoguitars.com

If all you have is "the bones" of the guitar, it will probably make for a killer "partscaster"!
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Yeah, I've seen those two links. I just have the body. Figured i'd take the time to properly paint it, put my college logo on it, and put some electronics in there to make it better.