so I've been wanting a distortion pedal to add a level of gain to my setup. I play a lot of Pearl Jam/Soundgarden type of stuff. My setup now is just a Fender Princeton 650 and a footswitch. I want to use the footswitch for changing from clean to the first level of gain, and then the distortion pedal to add another level of gain. Right now I can only have 1 level of distortion or clean, and I want one lighter level and one heavier for songs like the ones posted below:


electro harmonix soul food, kind of a "klone" though its not quite the same. you can find em new for about 60 bucks, comes with adapter to boot its technically a booster/overdrive. though not as useful for boosting existing dist signals on ss amps, its got a nice sound of its own. and it's got enough of a range that you could probably dial in all these tones, or at least get pretty close
here is a link to a demo of the soul food
visual sound jekyll and hyde. Bit expensive but it's like 2 pedals in one. 1 overdrive and 1 distorion.
+1 on the Jekyll and Hyde. I own it and it has so much variety due to being able to stack the pedals. Has a great 90's rock sound. Doesn't get to high gain though so no for metal though. Also recommend taking a look at the Mesa pedals. Great sound from those as well. But those are all pricey pedals. If you want something a bit cheaper the Boss Grunge pedal was designed for exactly what you are looking for
I came in here thinking I'd plug the DOD Grunge pedal, I picked one up a couple weeks ago and I quite like it. But then I see you mention grunge and, ironically, the Grunge pedal doesn't do grunge well, too gainy and not gritty enough. I used to use a Boss Blues Driver pedal for grungy distortion, its very effective for grunge.
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How about Digitech Grunge? What's your budget?
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