I'm also new to this forum, but that's for an other time

Here's a small bit of backstory:

I played guitar when I was really young, maybe 8, but over some months I grew to hate it for some reason, and moved onto 6 string bass guitar. I stuck to bass from 9, to 17, which is my current age. I play a lot of progressive rock music like Rush, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, etc. etc. and can get my way around the frets really well.

I know basic theory like intervals, major and minor scales, arpeggios, and extra colorful chord voicings like augmented and diminished, add9, 11, 13, blablahblah

Well today I picked up one of the dusty electric guitars off my floor, grabbed a pick, and tried to do something, but I was lost. I barely know how to use a pick, (I'm all fingerstyle on bass) the guitar feels short and stubby in my hands, the strings are too close together, basic beginner problems etc.

My motive for wanting to learn guitar is to be more versatile musically, and have a better understanding of guitar's roll in conjunction with bass, which I already know how to play.

The only real things I know on guitar is basic strumming patterns, a few major and minor chords, and a few barre chords.

Does anyone know a good place to start so I can get rockin soon? I'm no stranger to holding down strings on a fretboard, but guitar is an entirely different beast.
On YouTube there is a guy named Justin and he has a web site I been watching him I just started learning last week, there are a ton of teachers on you tube
^ yeah justinguitar is very good
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You should play fingerstyle on guitar since you can benefit more from you're current skill set- you will need to adapt to the smaller string spacing but with a modified grip you should be able to make it work. For guitar you want to use your thumb for the E A and D strings and you're index and middle and ring fingers for the top three strings ( generally speaking).

Picks are great for heavy distortion and very fast staccato playing, but pretty much everything thing else can be well done fingerstyle - if not better!