hey guys! just wanna plug our band, Westwood! were a 3 pc. pop/punk/alt band from Johnsburg, IL. we just finished recording our new full length album. were also going to embarking on a tour out to California and back. this is where we ask for the communities help!! we have a kickstarter to help with tour costs and food! we hope some people out there could relate to our dream and help us spread the music and our message throughout the country. all of our music is free and we want to keep it that way!! this will help with that! we have some awesome rewards that we can ship world-wide and more to be added! if youd check out our facebook and tell us what you think wed love to talk with each and every one of you!



and our kickstarter:


**also our recently released music video ,"Black River"**


thank you to anyone that reads this long ass post! and im looking forward to talking to any and all of you guys in the community!!