Picked this cab up this week and I am very pleased with it. It had some cosmetic tears in it, but the seller gave me a good deal on it. I know it is an incredibly popular cab and comes highly recommended, but I figured that I was all set since my other cab is a Carvin Legacy 4x12 with vintage 30s also.

Maybe it is the oversized dimensions of the mesa, the slightly different variation of v30s, and/or the rear loaded design, but these two cabs sound pretty different and it is immediately noticable (both sound good btw, but I now prefer the Mesa). The mesa sounds much deeper and darker than the Carvin and really pushes bass well. I noticed I could run my presence on the engl much higher on the mesa (up to 2:30 without it sounding fizzy or harsh). The carvin sounds more in your face but is not as thick sounding. It seemed like the powerball paired with the mesa was an instant Killswitch Engage tone, though Idk if anybody will agree with me on that.

I did a quick playthrough with the mesa, just to see if it records well. I havent tried it in a mix yet, but i havent had issues with my carvin so i expect it should deliver. Dont mind my playing! Hopefully you enjoy the cab sound. I tried to use all different channels, pickups, and some different guitar volume knob positions.

Engl Powerball + Mesa 4x12 Playthrough: http://youtu.be/pJz5Ie9WAa4
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Anyway, happy NAD man, have fun with it!
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you know what they call a guy that can pick up 4x12 cab ????..... answer is... Sir

nice score !!
excellent nice clip too

I think mesa v30s are different from regular V30s too, so that might also affect the tone a bit
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