Hello all,

I got this recording from an older bloke who has been into extreme metal for a while, and there's a song he'd like to know the identity of. He doesn't remember how he got it, but he says it's from the late 80s/very early 90s, and from a Scandinavian band. I thought maybe Thorns, but I couldn't find anything indicating the song. Any clues on who it could be? Or maybe based on the recording, whether his memory seems right?


From the sounds of it, it's a German band (not Scandinavian) and it's certainly not Thorns. I can't say for sure who it is but it sounds like a band attempting to sound like a less melodic version of Tormentor or Behexen, it's possible for it to be late 80's but I doubt it, more than likely 90's or even modern day considering Black Metal is meant to have raw production and kids today can make this stuff in their bedroom with a laptop. So my guess is it's a local band or some kids trying to get a demo out there but probably not an established act.

However, there's no telling for sure since Black Metal is very easily over-saturated with countless demos from sometimes even established acts. So it's possible it could be some early obscure demo from Frost-Like Ashes, Sargeist, Tsjuder, Nachtmystium or some band trying to emulate them since I've heard most of their demos and don't recognize this particular song.
Thanks for the reply! Someone on another forum compared them to Enslaved, which I can kind of hear, but listening to some Behexen I can hear the comparison in some of their more mid-tempo sections. Are there any particular German bands that drive you in that direction rather than Scandinavian? I'm not too familiar with German black metal.