the picture of the tabs shows the string and which ones to hold down but i cant figure out what part of the neck my hand should be on?

please help.
On guitar tabs, the first string is the high e string, or the smallest, highest pitch string, that is the furthest away from your body if you are a right-handed guitar player.

That is:

e ----------
B ----------
G ----------
D ----------
A ----------
E ----------

So, if you see:


You're going to place your finger on the 3rd fret of the A string, the second largest string and also the second closest string to you.

Basically, imagine having your guitar neck oriented on the computer screen like the tabs, with the headstock on the left. That is how the strings correlate, and the numbers simply represent which frets should be held.
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Usually where your hand is on the neck depends on the note you want to hit. Higher notes would require your hand to be further up the neck. This is a really confusing/basic question.
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