Hi, my uncle gave me one of his pedals for my birthday, the Wampler Sovereign Distortion. I bought a 9V Visual Sound 1-Spot Adapter. The pedal worked fine when plugged into my amp using the battery but whenever I plugged in the adapter it wouldn't even turn on. I tried another adapter and it didn't turn on either. I'm just plugging it into a standard US household outlet.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Try plugging it into a few different outlets around your house if you can. When I got my first pedals, using that same power supply, it wouldn't work when plugged into one outlet in my room, but it was fine in another. Other than that suggestion I've got nothing because I don't know shit about electronics haha.
Does the 1-Spot work on other pedals that you have? Assuming it does, my guess is it's just bad power outlets. It's also possible that the PSU input jack on the pedal is broken. I've got a EH Bass Big Muff with that problem. I just have to use a battery for it and it works fine, but plugging it in causes terrible noise, no matter what power supply I use or what outlet I plug it in to.
The One Spot has a negative tip and postive sleeve and apparently so does this device so it should work. I have two one spot power units and while they work well for most places there is one club I play at that I can't use it at. I get a bad hum and static like noise coming from the effects. This is an older building (close to 90-100 years) so it may be their outlets. Everywhere else the One Spot is dead quiet and works well..
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The 1-Spot has not been working on other pedals so I'll have to try different outlets. However, my uncle had used an adapter with the same pedal and it worked fine.