Hello! I have Epiphone Prophecy with EMG 81/85. I record vocals, guitars and any mics with Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (NI KA6). Everything is OK but I think that I have problems with my pickups.
They are very noisy. And they catch everything (for example my metronome). I will upload some tracks (DI and vst AMP-ED tracks).

And please tell me - DO I have any problems with my pickups and should I change them? I think the sound is very muddy and noisy.

Are you sure there is not another mic picking up and recording? It would be very odd for your pickups to pick up the sound of a metronome.
Thanks for the answers!
Yes, I am absolutely sure that there is no mic. Only the DI signal from my guitar to the sound card. But pickups catch metronome, pickup switcher, knocking on guitar wood and more.

Actually now I realized that my sound card is "noisy" too. There is a hum even if there is no guitar or mic plugged in.

What do you mean by "guitar cord"?
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What do you mean by "guitar cord"?

Das Kabel....