This might be a dumb and pointless thread, but I'm still curious.
Does anyone have an experience using the oversize vs the smaller Rectifier 412 cabs?
Once I decide to pull the trigger, I'm not sure which one I should go with, and there's nowhere around here where I can compare them myself.

I'd be using it for a few different styles, some indie/emo/grunge I guess (Mineral, Moving Mountains, Superheaven etc.) through a 40 watt Egnater Tweaker head, and then screamo/metalcore/sludge (Loma Prieta, Norma Jean, Nails etc.) most likely through an Egnater Vengeance.

Any suggestions, opinions, whatever is appreciated.
A lot of people seem to figure that the oversized cab gets farty or something. I don't have one so I can't comment.
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The oversize is a good sounding cab. The Vengeance would definitely be a good match for it. The only downside of it is obviously trasportation of it. If you have a small car forget about it. It can even be a pain moving around in our trailer but that's just a minor inconvenience.
I've had two of the oversized ones (purchased used).
If I were able to step into my time machine and go back to when I was considering them, I would have slapped myself upside the head and said, "You'll regret this!!!"

At well over 100 lbs, each, these cabinets looked great, sounded just okay, and were the biggest PIAs I've ever owned.

If it's never going to move from wherever you set it up, it's just fine. Moving them around, we destroyed walls, fingers, biceps and backs, other cabinets, the inside of a trailer, and the tolex/grill cloth on both. We had fewer issues with a Hammond B3. Inertia and Gravity are your enemies.

If I were buying anything from the Mesa Line these days, I'd probably get the vertical 2x12. Lower weight, smaller size, much wider dispersion (less beaming of icepick treble), etc. But your Vengeance will hang over the sides by a couple of inches on each end and it's STILL 75 pounds (plus the 50 lbs or so of the Vengeance).

These days the "big rig" includes cabinets that will handle 900W each, that weigh somewhere between 40-50 lbs each, that fit into a Honda Fit, and that are covered in Duratex or LineX with metal grills that won't tear if snagged.
Thanks for the input guys.
I'm not too concerned with the weight and transporting the cab, really just the tonal differences between the oversized and the smaller cab. Though I will probably get the smaller one now that you guys mention it.
The oversize would have a slight advantage over the standard cab for bass response but I don't think you'll be missing anything for going with the standard. They're both sweet cabs none-the-less.