Hi all, I'm a big fan of percussive finger-style guitar especially artists like Andy McKee, Jon Gomm and John Butler. I've just finished learning Andy McKee's famous piece 'Drifting' and I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which piece I should learn next? (Preferably something slightly more difficult than Drifting but not something that seems impossible to learn).

If you'd like to watch my cover of Drifting then here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnY4a6oDvJw&list=UU3DAnFkrGCeEuwoXs11slPw
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Drifting was the first piece on an acoustic guitar I learnt, after that I went straight onto Hunters Moon (much harder, but if you can learn Drifting you can learn that song as well.) You should also try and learn some of his other pieces that aren't percussion based that aren't that hard like For My Father, Ebon Coast, Heathers Song etc. I learnt Joyland sometime after hunters moon, once again not impossible but it'll take a while.

I recommend also checking out Calum Graham, his song 12:34 is fairly easy to learn and a lot of fun, from there his song 3 way street is kind of the same idea technique wise, but more difficult.
But really just find a song you like and try and learn it.
Best thing you could do to learn some of his techniques is learn a few pieces that contain the sounds you're after. You'd have a foundation to build new techniques of your own from. Antonie Dufour's latest material has some pretty exotic percussive stuff going on. Investigate and learn from them.
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Learn a few songs, so you can get comfortable with that technique and start doing your own tunes. A recent find (to me, anyway) was this great remake and how it makes use of tuners to add another layer of coolness to that style.


It'll never be as cool as the original though.
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It'll never be as cool as the original though.

I agree, but it will still be fun to play.
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